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Bei casino vs goodfellas gibt es wirklich sehr gute Bonus-Angebote, die jedem Online Casino-Spieler das Herz höher schlagen lässt! So gibt es bei der ersten Einzahlung meist einen 100% Verdopplungsbonus mit humanen Konditionen. Auch bei vielen casino vs goodfellas Online-Spielen gibt es meist Free-Rolls, das heißt kostenlose Erst-Runden die mitunter auch mit hohen Gewinn-Auschüttungen Casino vs. GoodFellas 10 comments. 30 comments. Rank This Matchup. JohnnyZombie. on 7/24/2009. Tough call, both are favorites. willhunting. on 12/1/2009. Both are great. I used to like Casino better but its just too slow. kingofpain. on 2/20/2010. GoodFellas is magic. Casino is mostly tedious, without any of the pizzazz or charm that makes GoodFellas memorable. The parts in Casino without Goodfellas by far. IMO Casino is great but it's also very flawed. Pesci feels like he's playing a parody of his character in Goodfellas, De Niro (while good) isn't exactly convincing in the lead, there's far too much use of music and voice over and it's waaaay too long. level 2. 10 points · 2 years ago. Pesci feels like he's playing a parody of his character in Goodfellas. Both of the real Casino vs Goodfellas. mialicious Posts: 4,279. Forum Member 29/07/11 - 19:30 in Movies #1. I guess most people prefer Goodfellas because it came first but Casino is better i is goodfellas x3. The sets and costumes are amazing, the way its shot, All the leads are great .Joe pesci is even crazier and Sharon Stone is better in the female lead then the girl from Goodfellas. Which one The Irishman is now on Netflix for all to watch, so we double down on some Scorsese gangster business with Goodfellas vs. Casino! Casino vs Goodfellas? Just like Goodfellas, Casino utilizes voiceover narration to tell its story. In fact, since the voiceover narration in Goodfellas was so well-received, Scorsese seems to have gone overboard in Casino. It’s basically non-stop throughout the whole movie whereas Goodfellas knew where to stop with the voiceover narration. If part of the story could be told in a neat scene with actual dialogue casino vs goodfellas Online Casino Test 2018 Echtgeld Casino Testsieger vergleichen Seriöse Anbieter Zuverlässige Auszahlung PayPal Auszahlung Goodfellas. Casino is a hot mess of great scenes smashed together. Goodfellas is much more cohesive. level 2. Original Poster 9 points · 3 years ago. what makes you think that casino is messy. Continue this thread level 1. 8 points · 3 years ago. Goodfellas is my all time favorite movie. I have seen it no less that 65 times and have been known to watch all 146 minutes back to back when it's Yep. They’re both two of the greatest, most entertaining and most riveting yarns about gangsterdom ever put to screen, both by the same incredible director, but I would wager Martin Scorsese ’s follow-up Casino (1995) is better than its similar sibling film Goodfellas (1990). I’d even goes as far to claim that The Departed and The Wolf of Wall Street are better than Goodfellas, but that

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